Blink of Light

by Keenan O'Meara

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released October 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Keenan O'Meara New York, New York

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Track Name: The Waltz
Crawling skin
cold sweats and tremors
your cold bloodshot eyes

I tired heart
a wild manic mind
boiling in your own damn lies

Hold on longer
patch up all the holes
your ships taking water
time's running out

pace yourself

promises like cold Indian summers that wont go away
traces of an honest man
getting lost in fogs of white lies

Begging God for mercy
you oughta beg your friends
for keeping all your secrets
from your pretty wife

hands together

somethings off, somethings wrong
and you'll know in due time
shake that heart shake that shattering feeling
that you'll never change

Get a little smarter
your story getting harder to remember now.
Track Name: Blink of Light
Soak my hair
by the waters edge
I'll contemplate everything
as I wade along
Floating by the waters edge

Hail and rain
pound the river with such madness
the cold numbs my feet
my hands don't feel
but I still see

Everyday I get smaller yet,
I grow taller as I learn
to Let it go

So take my bones
pound and pound them to ashes
but leave me my memories
leave me with grace
leave me with some peace of mind

Blinks of light
flash before my eyes
just like all the times before
but I can see a little more
Track Name: Carriage
Dirty City
could you meet me
somewhere in between

the dark brown water
ancient boulders
endless fields of green

Rome is burning
dust is filling
up no nose with grief

I am running
away from every
thing I've ever know

I found a lover
like no other
she will set me free

from tar filled puddles
smoking rubble
ringing in my ears
I will be redeemed.
Track Name: Senses
There are noises
I can't hear no more
I treated my nerves like I'd like forever
No my ears ring on

I know your singing
I can't hear
As my senses fade out comes my worst fear

That maybe I am not a lover
All the while I walked upon the water with a broken heart
Thinking I'd hurt you.

You've been glowing
You're alive
going on and on about love and Loneliness
and how hard you've tried

But I don't want it
I can't feel it
go ahead and bless another soul.

'cause maybe I am not a lover
All the while I walked upon the water with a broken heart
Track Name: You Awful Creature
Small gifts and phone calls
Remedy the mean thoughts I think
But if you keep on giving
I'll end up withering away
bearing weight to the thought our love's running on one way

I suppose I'm evil
I'm just too damn lazy to see
my destructive vision
come to fruition, come to be
I suppose I'll carry on with nowhere else to b

My wilted mind dissolves when I
imagine all the love that I
Can't let go
I can't let go

Hold on tighter
You awful creature
You faded flame